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Doctor Sinister

Welcome to the official website for Sinister Incorporated, an organisation dedicated to achieving total world domination through the use of political subversion, devious scheming and nuclear weapons.

This site is provided so that loyal members of S.INC can update themselves with our latest schemes, and for new converts to the cause. If you are simply a casual visitor, hungry for power or perhaps even unenlightened by the virtues of world domination, please feel free to click on any of the links.

Loyal followers are ordered to ensure that they constantly update themselves with current S.INC operations and policies. This website represents the official view of the S.INC leadership.

Latest News...

19/12/11 - Doctor Sinister's video tribute to the late Kim Jong-il.

A special announcement from the Supreme Leader. With another evil insane dictator gone, Doctor Sinister quashes rumours of assassination and relives happy memories with "Kimmy" and his murderous ways.


12/12/11 - Doctor Sinister's 2011 Christmas Speech.

Doctor Sinister’s Christmas Message to the Planet Earth, 2011. In which the Supreme Leader discusses the Arab Spring, the ongoing economic turmoil and the futility and wastefulness of Christmas.



16/03/10 - Announcing the start of S.INC's 2010 Election Campaign

I am running for office again - this time I have set my sights on the lofty heights of Prime Minister of the UK. Yes! No more will I rule from behind the scenes with robots and clones, it is time I revealed myself to the world so I may rule in person, FOREVER!

Dr. S.

Vote Sinister

14/12/09 - Doctor Sinister's 2009 Christmas Message.

For the second year running, our Glorious Leader reviews the events of the last 12 months.


30/10/09 - The Incorrect Art of War, the final episode.

It's the endgame for one version of Doctor Sinister as the series on Armchair General reaches a satisfying conclusion - or does it? Read it here!

24/12/08 - Doctor Sinister's 2008 Christmas Address to the World.

Our Glorious Leader tells it how it is in his speech to the people of Planet Earth.


31/01/08. Incorrect Art of War episode 37 now available.

Doctor Sinister has a new enemy - and a plan to find out what he is doing. Assuming that General Menace lets him have his way... Read the latest episode here.

30/11/07. Incorrect Art of War episode 36 now available.

Doctor Sinister and General Menace have a working time machine - their plan - to kidnap George Washington! Read the latest episode here.

28/11/07. Kevin Hudson sends best wishes from the Infirmary.

Valued S.INC operative Kevin sends thanks from the Infirmary for all the good wishes and flowers. It’s unfortunate that he can’t smell the flowers, what with having had his nose burned off by the acid in the explosion, and he’s sorry that he can’t eat the grapes, on account of having no teeth, tongue, or indeed much of a mouth any more. He’s asked the Nurses and Doctors if they can liquidise the fruit and feed it to him through a drip. He might as well start getting used to it as he’ll never be able to eat again – although we expect to see him back in the munitions factory very soon – if he values his pension that is.

29/10/07. Incorrect Art of War episode 35 now available.

Doctor Sinister has returned from the dead and wastes no time in embarking upon a new plan for world domination! Read the latest episode here.

14/10/07. Suicide Mission - Recruitment.

Volunteers are required to man the new suicide rockets for the forthcoming attack on Mars. For some reason nobody has yet stepped forward. If no-one volunteers, we will select people at random. It’s a VERY well paid position, albeit a short-lived one. Come on, let’s see some enthusiasm.

29/09/07. Incorrect Art of War episode 34 now available.

General Menace has been captured and sent to one of the worst places on Earth - which he finds isn't so bad after all... Read the latest episode here.

27/09/07. Misplaced arms shipment.

Staff at Coastal Supply Depot 4 are trying to locate the intended addressee/owner of a substantial arms shipment that was delivered via container ship last week. Unfortunately the address labels are incomplete and they are unable to deliver the container to the intended recipient. If this rings any bells with you, please can you contact them immediately on extension 7600 3547 as the arms (all of them human) are beginning to rot.

16/09/07. Notice regarding the Lake of Mutations.

Please can picnickers stop throwing half-eaten sandwiches into the Lake of Mutations. Last week we had a fourteen-hour pitched battle trying to take down a 40-foot high cheese and pickle monster. It’s not funny any more.

31/08/07. Incorrect Art of War episode 33 now available.

YOU are General Menace in this month's interactive Incorrect Art of War! Can you help Doctor Sinister escape his deadly trap? Read the latest episode here.

24/08/07. Conference.

All operatives should be aware that the S.INC Leadership will be unavailable for the next three days as they attend a conference aboard the newly commissioned "Vengeance" weapons platform somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. All enquiries via the Press office please.

14/08/07. Sad news.

The second of Doctor Sinister's cats, the beloved Dana (pictured above) died on 13/08/07 of heart failure, the same symptoms as her brother Fox. She was eight years old. Alas, Doctor Sinister was abroad at the time and never even got to say goodbye before or even as she slipped away. All operations are suspended for a period of mourning - there are some days when it just doesn't seem worth carrying on.

31/07/07. Incorrect Art of War episode 32 now available.

It's all gone horribly wrong...but Doctor Sinister seems only interested in having a decent packed lunch for the escape pod... Read the latest episode here.

18/07/07. Visit the Doctor Sinister Channel on YouTube.

All S.INC agents and employees are invited to check out the Doctor Sinister Channel on YouTube.

17/07/07. Visit Doctor Sinister on MySpace.

All S.INC agents and employees are invited to check out Doctor Sinister's presence on Myspace.

16/07/07. Download S.INC wallpaper for your PC.

To celebrate the launch of the new and improved S.INC website, and to show our appreciation of your patronage and loyalty, you can now download wallpaper for your desktop in two sizes, 800x600 and 1,024x768 pixels.

15/07/07. S.INC website now fully operational.

The major revamp of the S.INC website is finally complete after four months' work - we would apologise for the delay, but we can't be bothered.

Archive News.

Older news from S.INC can be found here.

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